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What's your favorite midnight snack, and why?

I am a major bread lover. So some french or sourdough bread and a bit of butter toasted or not is a anytime snack for me! A small bowl of multigrain cheerios and recently chocolate chocolate chip muffins heated up in the microwave mmmmm!
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I have not updated in FOREVER. Since I have some new friends on here I guess I'll do a quickie ;)

So its 2011~ So far I have had a birthday and I turned 23. Chloe is almost 16 months, holy crap time flies when you have a kid! Devar is working his butt off at his job at MSC and really likes it. He got a raise Yay!

We are hoping that this next fall/winter we can start looking into buying a house! Scary but exciting.

My mom wants us to come visit her in Australia so we are trying to get Devar's vacation approved for that so we can spend a week or so there this winter (summer there). We will know hopefully by September.

My best friend is getting married Sept 10th ( she lives in SC) and asked me to be her matron of honor. So we are going to try to scrounge up some money to go there for a few days to visit family/friends and go to her wedding. Hopefully we can get it done :)

I am currently still "laid off" and a stay at home mom. Some days when we are busy its not bad at all but I get bored. Its hard going from a full time and then some student with a job for years to suddenly just being home. I am following a few leads on potential jobs/careers. I have my sub teachers license but with one car its hard to do the timing for everyones jobs. Plus daycare is so expensive that its actually saving us money by me staying home until I can find a job that pays more than minimum wage!

I am looking into a potential training program through WIC for a breastfeeding peer counselor. I would really enjoy that.

I guess I got my degree in biology and then once I had Chloe my priorities changed and I just really am not sure what I want to do with my career life at this point. Eh something will show up and then I will know that its for me!

Devar's birthday is coming up in March, gonna get him golf stuff. He needs a new golf bag.

Then our anniversary in May, cant believe we will have been married 3 years in May and been together for 6 years. Wow!

Well the little one is asking for some cuddles and a nap. <3
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I year ago today I was in bed uncomfortable having on and off contractions wondering if this baby was ever going to come into the world or if I might be pregnant forever!

I woke up on the 17th at 3 am b/c the contractions were just strong enough to wake me, I watched 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU and noticed my contractions were 4 min apart and 1 1/2 minutes long. I woke my husband " Umm honey, I know you have to go to work in 2 hours, but I think Im in labor now" and I have never seen him jump up so fast in my life.

At 2:45pm that day Chloe LaRae made it into the world at 6lbs 9oz and 19 inches long.

Tomorrow she will be 1 year old and I cannot imagine having any other baby, she is amazing and has taught me how to slow down and enjoy the smallest joys in life such as a blade of grass, or a bird in the tree.

She will have her birthday party tomorrow, surrounded by family and friends. It will be a wonderful milestone!

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My husband and I went to get Chloe's 1 year pictures and our first official family pictures done today.

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My little girl got her birthday outfit today in the mail! It came so early I was surprised. She loves it though and I cant wait to have her pictures made in it once she is a year old! I cant believe there is only about 2 months left and my daughter will be a year old. Man!

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Since we are on WIC we get something like 100 jars of babyfood PER MONTH. Chloe eats a lot of finger-food and whatever is on our plate. I would buy some fruit and veg to mix in her oatmeal or cereal but she cannot possibly eat that much pureed food since she likes food with texture. So I was like OMG what am I going to do with all this food. I figured I would donate some of it and find ways to put it in things, like baby cookies...etc.

So this morning my hubby and I wanted pancakes.

So I made Chloe "Baby-cakes" I used a little bit of her multi-grain baby cereal, mama's milk, apple sauce and pureed carrots. I mixed it up and made quarter sized baby pancakes for her.

Needless to say she loved them. (I even tasted one, wasnt horrible at all...a little grainy and I could taste the difference in my milk and cow milk but not too shabby, and sweet so she liked it).

She ate 5 of them, and then fed the 6th one to the cat (who also liked it).

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I had a WIC appointment for my daughter. We moved to a new state and had to get it all transfered. The intake lady asked me if Chloe was breastfed or formula fed. I replied breastfed. She smiled and said "thats awesome! most young (I am 22) mothers formula feed. You should be extreemly proud of yourself for getting to 6 months and I am glad to hear your going to let the baby wean herself (said it on my application)." She then reached over the table and patted my hand. She then told me to bring her a picture of Chloe to put on their Breastfed Baby wall she says it helps promote to others that lots of women do it since sometimes people dont think others actually breastfeed anymore.

I have never had anyone so excited that I breastfed my child before. The lady at our old WIC office told me that when it got too hard to keep breastfeeding to just come in and get formula vouchers... yeah real supportive there!

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Chloe is 6 months old. Where has the time gone? She has such a great personality I cannot imagine her getting any more fun!

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